Training Collaboration

We aim to empower birth professionals and organizations with expert postpartum care training. Partnering with hospitals, birthing centers, doula collectives, and any adjunct maternity care providers, we bring our specialized training to you. Our collaboration enhances your services, offering comprehensive support to mothers and families in the postpartum period. Please submit your information, and we’ll discuss how to bring our training to you.

Supporting You in Caring for Mothers and Families

Ideal for any organization wanting to host our specialized belly binding or postpartum care training to benefit birthworkers and health professionals in their community. Our training will equip you with advanced techniques and knowledge, uplifting the standard of care within your community and making a significant impact on mothers.

Tailored for organizations such as doula agencies, birthing centers, and healthcare providers looking to enhance their in-house team’s skills with specific certifications, like Bengkung Belly Binding or Traditional Confinement Doula etc to better serve their clients.

Perfect for doula trainers and programs or educational or training centers that wish to expand their curriculum by incorporating specialized certifications, such as Bengkung Belly Binding, into their existing programs, enhancing the value and breadth of their offerings.

Designed for birth or health professionals seeking to accumulate continuing education credits or deepen their expertise in holistic postpartum care. These workshops can cater to a wide range of professionals within the healthcare, wellness, and therapeutic sectors. The workshops are customizable for the hours you need to complete your C.E.

Offers the opportunity to create training sessions tailored to the specific needs or objectives of an organization. This is ideal for groups with unique requirements or those looking to address specific challenges within their practice or community.

For organizations and individuals preferring remote learning, our sessions offer accessible, high-quality training across geographical boundaries. Ideal for non-hands-on topics, they facilitate engagement with participants from various locations, ensuring comprehensive education without the need for physical presence.

Focused on providing educational workshops or seminars to community groups, non-profits, or public health organizations. These programs aim to spread awareness and skills to broader audiences, often at a subsidized cost or through sponsorship.

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