Bellybinding Warming Lotion


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Get the most out of your belly binding experience with our Belly Binding Warming Lotion. Our Belly Binding Warming Lotion is the perfect addition to your postpartum belly binding routine. Applied before binding, it helps to prepare the body for the binding process and enhances the benefits of belly binding.

Our Belly Binding Warming Lotion is a natural blend of ginger and turmeric that helps to warm up the body and abdomen, promoting circulation and easing postpartum discomfort. These special mix of Jamu herbs are chosen for their medicinal properties and made into ready-to-use easy applications in the form of lotion. No need to premix Jamu powder to make a messy paste. Just open and apply before using the batik bengkung bellybind.

Traditionally, the raw ingredients are chosen to be used after birth because of their healing and slimming properties— warming the abdomen, preventing cold from entering the pores on the skin, tightening the skin while reducing stretch marks, aiding in the contraction and shirking of the womb and speed up the flattening of the abdomen.

Warm up the abdominal area before putting on the belly bind


Our product is registered with the Ministry of Health Malaysia (KKM), ensuring its compliance with the highest health and safety standards.

Apply directly on the abdomen before putting on the bengkung belly bind.

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Do a patch test to test for allergies. Do not use over open or broken skin (C-Section)

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