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Bengkung belly binding

What’s in a Name?

A name is a powerful verbal mark. When a child is born, a long, deep, and careful thought is given to choosing the name for the child. In many cultures, the name often has to have a good meaning and even a spiritual connotation attached to it. A name is part of the child’s identity, often carried with them for the rest of their life.

When called upon, the name identifies the child, so it’s necessary for the name to have a positive association. In my culture, words are like prayers— speak good words at all times and refrain from vain talk, negative talk, cursing, and insulting. So when you call out the child’s name, on top of identifying them, it is a prayer for them— with hopes that they would embody the meaning of the name and live up to its full potential.

Fun fact: My parents named me Salwa, an Arabic name that means “that which brings happiness” or “something that makes you forget your sadness and worries. And my mother’s name is also of Arabic origins. Her name Fauziah means successful and victorious.

The Business Name

When I started the business in the U.S in 2021, I kicked off the business with little thought to the name. At that time, I went for a simple, straightforward name that simply informs people of precisely what the business is about: “Bengkung Belly Binding“. But when I was engaging an agency to help with the brand logo and designs, it didn’t sit right, and I could not just accept a randomly chosen name. I needed to be able to identify with the name. I needed to consciously choose a name like I would name a child.

In fact, choosing a brand name proves even more tedious, because so many factors are at play. Any marketing gurus out there will tell you a brand name has to be unique, distinctive, and recognizable. For a brand name to “grow big,” it must be memorable, trendy, or contain a buzzword. It should be catchy or rhymes or have an alliteration or this or that. I must’ve gone through hundreds of words and different combinations. But the whole process seems ingenuine and forced. Months go by, and still no brand name. I was at the startup stages of my business, and the name was a huge stumbling block. Without a name, I couldn’t proceed with the design or move forward with many aspects of the business.

Until I took a step back and tried to see how or why this was not working out. I was taught to always begin any task with the right intention. Somewhere along the line, it’s always good to re-check your progress against your intention. And there was the problem. I got distracted by what I thought I was supposed to do based on all the “branding advice” that I had lost sight of what I had intended for my brand name. I am not trying to choose a brand name to be the top brand of the year, or for the brand name to be so catchy, it has the potential to go viral or anything along that line.

I “recalibrated my compass” to ensure that my thoughts and actions aligned with my intention. The brand name I am seeking has to have a good positive meaning that will resonate well with me, my practitioners, and clients. A name that identifies the nature of the business and, at the same time, could be linked back to my Malay heritage— an essential element as this was my source of knowledge and inspiration.

So I basically let go of obsessing over the name. I had done my due diligence in researching for words and meaning, set my intentions right, and so it’s time to trust the process and have faith that things will align themselves and “magically” the name will come. And that is exactly what happened. As the business went nameless for a good 5 months, I woke up one day in the middle of the night and scrambled around to find a piece of paper to write down these 6 letters.

Birth Matron

Matron, originates from the Latin mother, which later adopted the meaning of a wife, reputable person, midwife, person-in-charge, or taking care of other women. Many would be familiar with the term ‘nurse matron,’ ‘prison matron,’ or ‘school matron .’Although the word MATRON has come up many times when choosing a brand name, and the word MATRON was befitting of my work, it was the acronyms that added meaning to it.

Bengkung Belly binding

Incidentally, the word MATRON is also an acronym for Malay Ancestral Traditions, Remedies, Observance, and Nutrition. Imagine that. These acronyms encompass the categories in the Malay midwifery care. It was amazing what transpired when I took a step back and stopped trying to “come up” with something but let it come to me instead. The next step was to be able to add a word that would give identity to the nature of the business. And there was no better word than “birth”

Logo and Design

I had many failed attempts with a good designer when the brand name was just “Bengkung Belly binding .”Finding the right design agency was like finding the right therapist. I was blessed when I found sagetopia. I brought my bengkung to her, my ideas, and my designs, and I explained my intentions, visions, and everything. I shared some ideas and inspiration, and the first logo the team came out with hit the spot.

The logo represents a woman surrounded by rays of nurturing warmth and positivity, as she exudes calmness, serenity, and wisdom. At the center of her is the life-giving sacred womb filled with love, growth, and hope. The green leaves also represent nature and herbs. I also wanted elements of my Malayness, so the designer managed to incorporate the unique batik artwork in the design without compromising the clean, modern and fresh look that I had wanted.

Birth Matron™

And there we have it. Birth Matron™. Trademarked.

Bengkung Belly binding

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