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Hello and welcome to my first-ever blog post! My name is Salwa Salim and I am here to share my story with you. I have decided to start a blog dedicated to share, educate and create awareness on Bengkung Belly Binding, postpartum care, and Malay Midwifery. I imagine you reading my blog to be either pregnant or a new mother? Or someone who’s helping a new mother (birth workers, midwives, massage therapists, doulas, mothers’ helpers)? Or someone researching these topics. 

To start off, let me say that I haven’t been very comfortable sharing my personal life in public view. I am not a particularly private person. But what happened over a decade ago when I started my first business Mummy’s Massage in Singapore, shaped my worldview of business and personal life. It was because of a few initial bad experiences that left a sour taste in my mouth that I chose to stay away altogether.

One was a client seeing me “online” and demanded an immediate response with a threat of bad reviews. It was midnight. And then there’s those who called at odd hours. Some even took a step further to poke their nose at my personal profile just to question my credibility as a practitioner — simply because “I was not a mother” at that time.  

Fast forward 10 years later, the world has changed and I must confess I’m not with the times. I don’t have Instagram and never used Snapchat or TikTok or any trending social apps. The reality is, the lines between brands and the faces behind them have been blurred. People no longer want to follow a brand blindly. With social media people want to know the personality behind the founders, their values.. and what they had for lunch. 

I may be technologically outdated, but not quite a dinosaur.. yet. I do have Facebook and WhatsApp. Does that count? As much as I had always preferred in-person interaction—preferring a cashier over a self-check-out counter— I can’t be sharing my story one by one with people I interact with if I wish my work to help women globally. So I’ve decided to get with the times and use technology to reach out further into the world. 

So here I am now, writing my first blog and opening an Instagram account (soon I promise)! A little nervous, and definitely overthinking and editing this blog post way too many times. But that’s ok. This is my learning journey to find my voice and my style of writing. I am getting out of my comfort zone. As I write and share more, I am opening myself for you to get to know me. 

I will be sharing more about my life’s work, my visions, my thoughts, and insights on midwifery—fertility, pregnancy, birthing, postpartum, and motherhood. I will be sharing my journey as I embark on furthering my work internationally, starting with my “new home town” in the USA. I look forward to reading this blog post 10 years from now to see how much I have grown and where Bengkung Belly Binding and Malay Midwifery are in the worldview. If I wish for my work and aspirations to be global, I think it’s important for you, who wish to be a part of this, to trust me and know me and my journey. 

It starts here. Thank you for reading!

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bengkung blog

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I hope you have learned something new about bengkung belly binding. If you have a comment or have any questions, I will be happy to personally answer any questions.

With Love & Light, 
Salwa Salim

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