Ancient Tradition
Healing Modern Mothers

Equipping Birthworkers with Traditional Birth Practices
for an Empowering Postpartum Journey

Impacting Maternal Wellness:
A Holistic Approach Beyond Modern Medicine

Discover the Power of Bengkung Belly Bind and Other Traditional Practices in Reducing Postpartum Depression, Postpartum Complications & Improving Overall Postpartum Outcome.

Did you know that following traditional postpartum practices can significantly lower the risk of postpartum depression?1 Malaysia, followed by Singapore, boasts the world’s lowest postpartum depression rate, and the rich birthing traditions of the Malays contribute to this success2. In fact, Singapore has nominated the Malay Birth Traditions to be part of the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. Birth Matron is committed to sharing these authentic practices with birth workers, empowering them to impact the well-being of modern mothers.

Among the Malay postpartum tradition, Bengkung Belly Binding stands out as one of the most popular practices for its healing and slimming benefits. It offers faster healing, smoother recovery, and immediate abdominal flattening after birth and post-miscarriage, even embraced by A-list Hollywood stars and royalties.

In addition to Bengkung Belly Binding, we will delve into other postpartum treatments like postnatal massage, vaginal peristeam, womb lifting massage, and other herbal remedies and rituals. These practices help women recover during the crucial first 44 days after birth. Birth Matron ensures the preservation of authenticity, dispelling myths and inaccuracies, and teaches women the correct and safe techniques, including bengkung belly binding, among other birth traditions.

Join us in our mission to impact maternal wellness and contribute to reducing the maternal mortality crisis and making a positive impact in the the postpartum journey for mothers around the world. Embrace the wisdom of ancient traditions and be a catalyst for positive change in the lives of modern mothers.

1. F. Abdollahi. et al.“Postnatal Depression and Its Associated Factors in Women From Different Cultures”. Iran Journal of Psychiatry Behaviorial Science. 2011 Autumn-Winter; 5(2): 5–11.

2. Kit, L. K., Janet, G. and Jegasothy, R. “Incidence Of Postnatal Depression In Malaysian Women”. Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Research 23.1 (1997): 85-89.


Training & Workshops

Be a Birth MatronTM Today

We offer certification programs to train birth workers to be Belly Binding Matron and Vaginal Peristeam Matron™which lead to pathways to being a full circle Postpartum Matron™. Add on Bengkung belly binding, vaginal peristeam, and other birth traditions into your practice today.

We will bring you ancient wisdom and knowledge of the birthing traditions explained with today’s modern perspective and medical and scientific insights. Learn the ways of the Birth Matrons with traditional treatments and remedies, herbal knowledge, observance and taboos, and nutrition and supplements.

Birth Matron

Our Products

Original, Authentic & All-Natural

Bengkung Belly Binds,
Herbs & More..

We are committed to supporting the local Malays by keeping their traditions bonafide and accurate. We thank them for gifting us their traditions to share with the world through maintaining the authenticity of the origins and sourcing out local businesses and individuals in rural Indonesia and Malaysia to benefit the local communities. 

We partner with local groups of women, artisans, and traditional herbalists to bring you the most genuine herbal recipes and the most authentic bengkung pieces. Our belly bind is handcrafted with beautiful traditional batik made with time-honored techniques and real batik artisan skill. Our herbal products are 100% natural with selected organic and environmentally sourced herbs from farms and rainforests. 

Our Commitment

Handcrafted with
Local Materials


Our partners source out local materials from local markets and suppliers. We preserve our tradition through our handcrafted belly bind using time-honored heritage techniques from the Malay batik.

Traditional Recipes
From The Rainforests

herb bengkung

Our herbs are hand-picked from local farms or gathered from the rainforest. Our herbal medicine recipes are handed-down over generations prepared using natural methods of drying and processing.

Environmentally Sustainable
and Ethically Sourced

abdominal belly binding

We are conscious about being environmentally sustainable by ethically sourcing our raw materials and herbs locally or through conscious farming to minimize our carbon footprint.


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Bengkung Belly Binding History
How to Pronounce Bengkung
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Everything You Need To Know About
Bengkung Belly Binding

Learn the wisdom behind this ancient tradition
explained from a modern perspective and scientific insights.

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“I have been a perinatal bodyworker for over a decade and a birth worker for nearly as long. I have taken dozens of various trainings, including other belly binding training. Salwa’s course gave me a deeper understanding of the way belly binding supports the postpartum body, as well as the cultural awareness that this tradition deserves.”

Jennifer Wood
Labour Nurse & Herbalist

“The training was so much more than just a workshop on belly binding.  It was an opportunity to delve into the deep traditions and postpartum wisdom of the Malay culture.  I attended this training knowing how much Salwa had poured into it behind the scenes and was so pleasantly impressed with how professional and meticulous and beautiful her and her team’s work was.  The Birth Matron training I attended gave me so much more than I expected. I would absolutely recommend it and go back for future learning.  Hats off to Salwa and her team for a beautiful and intentional offering. ”

Fatimah Esam
Postpartum Doula & Childbirth Educator 

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